Published: 2018-04-23

Research Articles and Notes

Molecular Phylogenetic Relationships Among the Wood Warblers (Parulidae) and Historical Biogeography in the Caribbean Basin

Nedra K. Klein, Kevin J. Burns, Shannon J. Hackett, Carole S. Griffiths
Abstract 448 | PDF Downloads 450

Page 3-17

Geographic Variation in Body Mass of the Bananaquit (Coereba flaveola) in the Trinidad and Tobago Archipelago

Floyd E. Hayes, Stewart A. White, Richard P. ffrench, Stefan Bodnar
Abstract 432 | PDF Downloads 428

Page 18-22

Independent Geographic Origins of the Genus Amazona in the West Indies

Patricia Ottens-Wainright, Kenneth M. Halanych, Jessica R. Eberhard, Rachel I. Burke, James W. Wiley, Rosemarie S. Gnam, Xiomara Gálvez Aqualera
Abstract 488 | PDF Downloads 442

Page 23-49

Current Status of Cuban Threatened Birds: Case Studies of Conservation Programs

Martín Acosta, Lourdes Mugica, Orlandos Torres, Dennis Denis, Ariam Jimémez, Antonio Rodríguez
Abstract 440 | PDF Downloads 450

Page 52-58

Avian Research, Monitoring, and Conservation in the Dominican Republic

Kate Wallace
Abstract 421 | PDF Downloads 431

Page 59-61

BirdLife Jamaica ? Influencing Conservation in Jamaica

Catherine Levy, Suzanne Davis
Abstract 429 | PDF Downloads 426

Page 62-66

Ornithological Research and Conservation Efforts in Puerto Rico

Adrianne G. Tossas
Abstract 443 | PDF Downloads 431

Page 67-71

The West Indian Whistling-Duck and Wetlands Conservation Project: A Model for Species and Wetlands Conservation and Education

Lisa G. Sorenson, Patricia E. Bradley, Ann Haynes Sutton
Abstract 425 | PDF Downloads 424

Page 72-80

The Status of Resident and Migrant Bird Communities in Cuban Ecosystems

Hiram Gonzalez Alonso, Alejandro Llanes Sosa, Bárbara Sánchez Oria, Daysi Rodríguez Batista, Eneider Pérez Menaw, Pedro Blanco Rodríguez, Ramona Oveido Prieto
Abstract 434 | PDF Downloads 446

Page 86-93

Status and Conservation of the Family Psittacidae in the West Indies

James W. Wiley, Rosemarie S. Gnam, Susan E. Koenig, Alwin Dornelly, Xiomara Gálvez, Patricia E. Bradley, Thomas White, Michael Zamore, Paul R. Reillo, Donald Anthony
Abstract 473 | PDF Downloads 476

Page 94-154

The Role of the Non-Professional in Caribbean and Bermudan Ornithology

Carolyn Wardle, Kate Wallace, Lynn Gape
Abstract 424 | PDF Downloads 436

Page 155-158

The challenge for future research and conservation efforts in the Caribbean

Herbert A. Raffaelle
Abstract 420 | PDF Downloads 422

Page 159-160

Research Notes

In Memoriam


Shannon J. Hackett
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