Annual Meeting of Society…..2

Hurricane Hugo…..2

Banding on Andros Island, Bahamas…..2

The Sikes Act and the U.S. Navy in Puerto Rico…...4

Grupo Jaragua, Inc…...5

Current Research Projects of Members…..5

Requests for Information…..6

Abstracts of Selected Papers from SCO Meeting…..6


News from the Caribbean…..10

Meetings of Interest…..11

Published: 2019-02-20

Research Articles and Notes

Hurricane Hugo

JCO Editor
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 27

Page 2

Bird Banding on Andros Island, Bahamas

Joanne Dewey
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 30

Page 2-3

Meeting Reports


Grupo Jaragua, Inc.

JCO Editor
Abstract 70 | PDF Downloads 25

Page 5

Current research projects Joseph M. Wunderle Jr.

Joseph M. Wunderle Jr.
Abstract 69 | PDF Downloads 25

Page 5-6

Requests for information on Seabirds

JCO Editor
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 28

Page 6


JCO Editor
Abstract 54 | PDF Downloads 18

Page 8-11

Meetings of interest

JCO Editor
Abstract 59 | PDF Downloads 18

Page 11-12