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A Profile of Jamaica & its Bird Life…..2

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Rocklands Wildlife Sanctuary…..6

Puerto Rican Forests Symposium…..6

Microcomputers Workshop…..6

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Published: 2019-02-20

Research Articles and Notes

A Profile of Jamaica and its Birdlife

JCO Editor
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 94

Page 2-6

Meeting Reports

Second symposium on forests of Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico

Francisco J. Vilella
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 59

Page 6


Society to hold 1990 meeting in Kingston Jamaica

JCO Editor
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 57

Page 2


JCO Editor
Abstract 93 | PDF Downloads 58

Page 6-7

Meetings of interest

JCO Editor
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 60

Page 7-9