An Unusual Concentration and First Photographic Record of the Pomarine Jaeger (Stercorarius pomarinus) on the Caribbean Coast of Guatemala. Ronald Byrom.....2

Observations of the Wood Sandpiper and Little Egret in Barbados. Martin Frost.....3

Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 1992 Annual Meeting of the Society of Caribbean Ornithology:

   Reassessment of Black-Capped Petrel in Cuba. D.S. Lee, N. Vina, O. Garrido, R.W. Dickerman, and J.C. Haney.....4

   Survey of Least Tern Nesting Sites Along the South Coast of Jamaica. G.P. Alleng and C.A. Alleng.....4

   Growth Rates of Birds from Predator-Free Islands. Carlos A. Bosque and María T. Bosque.....4

   Resource Partitioning Among a Flycatcher Guild in Jamaica. Alex Cruz.....5

   Estudio Preliminar en dos Comunidades de Aves en la Loma Nalga de Maco. Domingo N. Sirí.....5

   Youth Educating Youth. Garfield A. Brown and Chandra A. Degia.....6

   Population Decline of the Puerto Rican Broad-Winged Hawk and Sharp-Shinned Hawk. Carlos A. Delannoy.....6

   First Release of Puerto Rican Plain Pigeon Columba inornata wetmorei. Carlos R. Ruíz-Lebrón and Juan J. Morales Ríos.....6

   Bird Conservation in Trinidad and Tobago: A Management Perspective. Howard Nelson.....7

   Conservation of the Red-Tailed Amazon (Amazona brasiliensis) in Southeastern Brazil. P. Martuscelli and P. Scherer Neto.....7

   Conductas Reproductivas y Desarrollo Morfologico en Cautiverio de la Cotorra de la Hispaniola (Amazona ventralis). Simon Guerrero.....8

   Improved Capture Techniques for Psittacines. J. Michael Meyers.....8

   Community Involvement in the Conservation of the Red-Tailed Amazon in Southeastern Brazil. Miriam Milanelo.....8

   Promoting Protection through Pride. Monique Clark.....9

   An Introduction to Avian Medicine and Emergency Care with Emphasis on the Genus Amazona. Ana B. Arnizaut.....9

   Estado de las Poblaciones Cubanas de Cotorra (Amazona leucocephala) y Cria en Cautiverio. Hirám González, María E. García Romero y Esteban Godinéz.....9

   Resultados Preliminares del Proyecto Nacional para la Conservation de la Cotorra Cubana (Amazona leucocephala leucocephala). Xiomara Gálvez-Aguilera, V. Berovides, A. Llánes, R. Martínez y O. Pimentel.....10

   Bananaquit Vocal Behavior in a High Density Population. Nidia I. Ramos, Oscar J. Vásquez, and Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr......10

   Conservation Needs for the Amazon Parrots of Jamaica. Wendy van Berneveld.....11

   Reproductive Biology of the Bahama Parrot and Implications for its Conservation. Rosemarie S. Gnam and Robert F. Rockwell.....11

   Clasificacion Numerica de Algunas Comunidades de Aves del Archipielago Cubano. M.E. García Romero y Laredo González.....11

   Changes in Local Abundance and Habitat Use by the White-Cheeked Pintail in New Providence Island, Bahamas, 1985–1991. B.L. Woodworth, J. Port, F. McKinney, A. Harth, L.G. Sorenson, and L. Ruttan.....12

   Datos Sobre la Reproduccion de Melanerpes s. supeciliaris y Colaptes fernandinae (Aves: Picidae) en la Cienaga de Zapata. María E. García Romero.....12

International Migratory Bird Day.....13

Ornithology Journals Available.....13


Meetings of Interest.....13

Society Officers for 1993–1994.....14


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