Vagrant White Stork Ciconia ciconia (Aves: Ciconiidae) found in Antigua: A First Record for the West Indies. Nathan P. Gricks.....2

Corraboración de Algunos Registros de Aves para Puerto Rico. Raúl A. Pérez-Rivera and Leopoldo Miranda.....2

Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 1993 Annual Meeting of the SCO (Continued):

   Habitat Use by North American Landbird Migrants on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Fred W. Sladen.....3 

   The Puerto Rican Parrot: Its Potential as an Environmental Tool. Jafet Vélez Valentín and Francisco J. Vilella.....3

   Role-Call for Insular Avian Extinctions in the West Indies. Robert L. Norton.....3

   Feeding Behavior of White-Crowned Pigeon Nestlings in Relation to Diet, Hatching Sequence, and Hatching Pattern. Reed Bowman.....4

   Movements and Mortality of White Ibises (Eudocimus albus) as Derived from Recoveries of Birds Banded in the Southeastern United States. Peter C. Frederick.....4

   Effects of Colonization Patterns, Dispersal Barriers, and Island Size in Genetic Variation Patterns in Caribbean Yellow Warblers. Nedra K. Klein.....4

   The Greater Antillean Nightjar: Is it One Species? Orlando Garrido and George B. Reynard.....5

   Preliminary Status of the West Indies' Only Nuthatch. P. William Smith and Susan A. Smith.....5

   Conservation of Biological Diversity in the Natural Pine Forests of the Bahama Islands. Christopher C. Russell.....5

   Habitat Constraints on the Distribution of Passerine Residents and Neotropical Migrants in Latin America. Chandler S. Robbins, Barbara A. Dowell, and Deanna K. Dawson.....5

   Colonias de Anidación de Aves Costeras en Sian Ka'an, Quintana Roo. J. Luis Rangel-Salazar y Paula L. Enríquez-Rocha.....6

   Sitios de Anidación de Pandion y Bobo en Sian Ka'an, Quintana Roo. Paula L. Enríquez-Rocha y J. Luis Rangel-Salazar.....6

   Assessing the Effects of Habitat Changes on the Waterbird Populations of Hellshire, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Anne C.E. Morgan.....6

   Raptor Migration in the Caribbean: The Jamaican Perspective. Marcia Mundle and Catherine Levy.....7

   The Biodiversity Monitoring Project for Antigua. Kevel Lindsay.....7

   Recent Progress in the Management of the Captive Puerto Rican Parrot Population. Pablo Torres-Baéz, Ana B. Arnizaut, and Francisco J. Vilella.....7

   The Tobago Striped Owl (Rhinoptynx clamator oberi): What do we Know? Howard Nelson.....7

   Some Implications of Small Population Size for Management of Waterbirds in Jamaica. Peter R. Bacon and Anne C.E. Morgan.....8

   The Impact of the Landscape on Avian Colonization of Isolated Patches of Habitat. John Dunning, Rene Borgello, Krista Clements, and Gary Meffe.....8

   Collecting Information for an Island Database of Bird Records or Who is the Final Authority? Catherine Levy.....8

   Establecimiento de un Sistema de Monitoreo de Aves en el Lago Enriquillo. Cristóbal Martínez Mercedes.....8

   Vocal Behavior of the St. Andrew Vireo (Vireo Caribaeus). Jon C. Barlow and Mark K. Peck.....9

   Parametros Ecologicos de una Comunidad Ornitica en el Parque Nacional del Este, República Dominicana. Carlos Cano.....9

   The Release Program for the Puerto Rican Plain Pigeon. Carlos R. Ruiz, Juan J. Morales, and Anastacio Ortiz.....9

Orlando H. Garrido Receives SCO Award as Outstanding Ornithologist.....10

UNIECO '93.....10

Association for Parrot Conservation.....11

Requests for Information.....12

Caribbean Environmental Information Center.....12

Meetings of Interest.....12

New Publication.....13


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