Published: 2019-08-14

Research Articles and Notes

Noteworthy bird records for Trinidad and Tobago, 1995-1996

Floyd E. Hayes
Abstract 30 | PDF Downloads 19

Page 5B-6

Two new avian records for Hispaniola: Swainson's Warbler and Song Sparrow

Christopher C. Rimmer
Abstract 32 | PDF Downloads 35

Page 15B-17A

A Lesser Black-Backed Gull (Larus fuscus) in the Dominican Republic

Steven C. Latta, Francisco Rivas, Christopher Brown
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 17

Page 17B

Unusual birds from the Dominican Republic, including three new species of neotropical migrants

Steven C. Latta, Christopher Brown
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 19

Page 18

Book Reviews

Book review: Catálogo de las Aves Cubanas

James W. Wiley
Abstract 33 | PDF Downloads 16

Page 23

Meeting Reports


Theft of endangered Amazona leucocephala leucocephala

Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 38 | PDF Downloads 19

Page 26

Meetings of interest

Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 24 | PDF Downloads 12

Page 27

1998 Annual SCO meeting in Guadeloupe

JCO Editor
Abstract 32 | PDF Downloads 19

Page 30

Soon to be published: Guide to the birds of the West Indies

Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 17

Page 31