Published: 2019-08-14

Research Articles and Notes

Nuevo registro de Avoceta Recurvirostra americana (Aves: Charadriiformes) en Cuba

Pedro Blanco, Martín Acosta, Lourdes Mujíca, Denis Dennis
Abstract 16 | PDF Downloads 13

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Observing mixed-species foraging flocks of resident and migratory birds in Caribbean habitats

Paul B. Hamel, Francisco J. Vilella
Abstract 12 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 7-8

The Charles-Eugène Jeanneret collection of Cuban birds

Carlos Wotzkow, Brigitte Strauß
Abstract 34 | PDF Downloads 18

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Recent Ornithological Literature From the Caribbean

Society of Caribbean Ornithology president's commentary

Joseph M. Wunderle
Abstract 14 | PDF Downloads 11

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Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 12 | PDF Downloads 12

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