Recent sight reports of Lesser Black-Backed Gulls (<em>Larus fuscus</em>) from Cuba

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P. William Smith
Susan A. Smith

Abstract: We report the first observations of the Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus) for Cuba. Both adults and immatures evidently of the race L. f. graellsii were seen along the northern coast of Camagüey Province during autumn 1998 and 1999. These sightings fit with the increasing appearance of this species in the southern United States and the eastern West Indies.

Keywords: Cuba, distribution, Larus fuscus, Lesser Black-backed Gull, record, status

Resumen: Avistamientos recientes de la Gaviota de Espalda Negra Menor (Larus fuscus) en Cuba- Se describen los primeros avistamientos de Larus fuscus en Cuba. Los avistamientos, en la costa norte de la provincia de Camagüey, son de aves adultas e inmaduros. Esta especie era de esperarse en Cuba ya que se había reportado en territorios circundantes.

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