Recent colonization of St. Martin by the Scaly-Breasted Thrasher (<em>Margarops fuscus</em>)

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Adam C. Brown
Natalia Collier

Abstract: We report the colonization of St. Martin by the Scaly-breasted Thrasher (Margarops fuscus). During 2002, biologists banded seven birds of this species and observed 25 other individuals during area searches. This indicates a northward range expansion for this species. 

Keywords: colonization, Lesser Antilles, Margarops fuscus, Scaly-breasted Thrasher, St. Martin

Resumen: Colonizacin reciente de San Martín por el Zorzal Pechiescamado (Margarops fuscus)- Reportamos la colonizacin de Margarops fuscus en St. Martin. Durante 2002, bilogos atraparon siete individuos y observaron 25 otros durante buscas del area. Esto indica una expansion hacia el norte por esta especie.

Palabras clave: Antiles Menores, colonización, Margarops fuscus, San Martín, Zorzal Pechiescamado

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