Report of the Invasive Species Working Group

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Andrew Dobson
Sarah Sanders

invasive species, working groups, Caribbean

THE INVASIVE SPECIES Working Group meeting was attended by 13 members of the Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds (SCSCB) and was co-chaired by Andrew Dobson and Sarah Sanders. Invasive plant and animal species are recognized as a major cause of biodiversity loss globally, especially to native populations of birds worldwide. This is certainly the case in the Caribbean where the impact of invasive species can be severe. Islands are frequently vulnerable to invasives due to their previous isolation from predators or competitors. It is well documented that the majority of extinctions in the last five centuries have occurred on islands (Baillie et al. 2004). The working group meeting concentrated on how best to assist the Society in tackling the threats posed by invasive species. There is a vast amount of material already published. The recommendation was that the group should assist other working groups in their goals, by providing an information resource. 

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