First report of Virginia's Warbler from the Bahama Islands, with Comments on Other Records from the West Indies and Eastern North America. P William Smith, Susan A. Smith, Peter G. Ryan, and Rodney Cassidy.....2

First Record of the Ruff (Philomachus pugnax) for Antigua-Barbuda. Nathan P. Gricks.....3

New Records of Birds Banded in Havana, Cuba. Esteban Godinez.....4

Notice of Recent Publications.....4

Society Receives Grant from RARE Center.....5

New Members Elected to SCO Board.....5

Directory of Reference Collections and Specialists in Caribbean Biodiversity.....5

Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992. Summary of Effects.....5


Meetings of Interest.....6

In Memoriam: Gabriel Lewis Charles, MBE. 1935–1993. Paul Butler.....8

Published: 2019-02-20

Research Articles and Notes

El Pitirre Volume 7 Issue 2

James W. Wiley
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