Published: 2019-01-23

Research Articles and Notes

Searches for seabird breeding colonies in the Lesser Antilles

Natalia Collier, Adam C. Brown, Michelle Hester; Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 124 |

Page 110-116

Unusual feeding behaviors in five species of barbarian birds.

Simon M. Reader, Julie Morand-Ferron, Isabelle Côtè, Louis Lefebvre; Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 132 |

Page 117-120

Comportements alimentaires inhabituels chez cinq espéces d'oiseaux de la barbade

Simon M. Reader, Julie Morand-Ferron, Isabelle Côtè; Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 128 |

Page 123-125

Abundance and time of day variation in raptor populations in Maracas Valley, Trinidad

Brett D. Hayes, Floyd E. Hayes; Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 116 |

Page 124-126

Highest single-day count of migrating ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) for Cuba and the insular Caribbean

Freddy Rodríguez Santana, Mark Martell, Keith L. Bildstein; Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 121 |

Page 127-130

Notas sobre la conducta reproductiva de la fermina Ferminia cerverai (Passeriformes: Troglodytidae)

Alejandro Llanes Sosa y Carlos A. Mancina; Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 118 |

Page 131-132

Primer reporte de Dendroica pinus (Aves: Parulidae) para oriente, Cuba

Carlos Peña, Daysi Rodríguez, Alejandro Fernández, David Lambért; Jason M. Townsend
Abstract 116 |

Page 133

Interesting records of shorebirds on Saint Lucia

Jason M. Townsend; John Pilgrim
Abstract 121 |

Page 136